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International architectural competition about land-use planning of Lepola–Ristinummi area in Järvenpää, Finland

The City of Järvenpää organizes an open two-phase architectural competition for the planning of the Lepola–Ristinummi area. The purpose of the competition is to get high-quality proposals for a residential area that fit into the sensitive cultural heritage by the lake Tuusulanjärvi and support the development of the town of Järvenpää.

The first phase of the competition is held 19.6.–2.10.2006 as an open competition for ideas. Five planners or planning groups will then be invited to a second phase where they develop their entries with a narrower focus. The entries of the first phase will be exhibited in Järvenpää at the end of 2006, and the public will be able to express opinions on them. All entries will be exhibited when the results of the competition’s second phase are clear. The competition is open to all citizens of a European Union country or a country covered by its procurement legislation who have the right to work as architects in their own countries.

The town of Järvenpää, with a population of 37.000, situates about 40 kilometres north of Helsinki along the railroad to Tampere and the motorway to Lahti. The competition area locates south of the centre of Järvenpää, and part of it belongs to the cultural heritage milieu of Tuusulanjärvi, a milieu of national importance.

The competition centres on a former vocational institute for agricultural skills with surroundings. The planning area for the first phase of the competition (A) comprises about 80 hectares of school compounds and farmland.

The second-phase planning area (B) is about half the size of the first phase and includes mainly the farm fields of the agricultural school and of an adjacent congregational institute which are designated for new housing.

City Architect Ilkka Holmila notes that the valuable cultural heritage of the area is a challenge to the planner. In addition to the actual planning area of the competition, a vaster area of urban and rural landscape is also to be taken into consideration. This area of totally 213 hectares includes many valuable pieces of cultural heritage, such as the composer Jean Sibelius’ home-museum Ainola. Holmila says: “The competition entries are expected to demonstrate a cunning approach to urban planning, landscape planning and housing design. Competency is required in planning the cultural heritage milieu and the social ambience, too. The essential aim of the competition is to find a high-quality, ecologically sustainable solution that is based on the town’s recent master plan and that the City of Järvenpää and the National Board of Antiquities both can approve as the basis for future construction in the area.”

”The town’s land reserve with detailed plan is running short. The natural expansion area for new housing is Lepola-Ristinummi. A prerequisite for further detailed planning of this area is that we succeed with the land acquisition that the City of Järvenpää is proactively pursuing”, explains Mayor Erkki Kukkonen.

A total of EUR 110 000 will be awarded as prizes and purchases in the following manner:

The first phase of the competition closes on 2 October 2006. By December 2006 the jury will select, out of the first-phase entries, the ones to be invited to continue. The competition’s second phase is estimated to close in March 2007. The final results of the competition are likely to be published in the summer of 2007.

The jury members appointed by the City of Järvenpää are Ari Aberg (chair of City Council), Rauha-Maria Mertjärvi (2nd vice-chair of City Council), Pentti Tuovinen (chair of Technical Board), Erkki Kukkonen (Mayor), Markku Utti (Deputy Mayor), Pentti Karhu (Director of Technical Department) and Ilkka Holmila (City Architect); appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects are Jesse Anttila (architect SAFA) and Päivi Saloranta (architect SAFA).

Permanent experts to the jury are Sinikka Joutsalmi (Researcher, National Board of Antiquities), Jyrki Mattila (Technical Director, City of Hyvinkää) and Marja Mikkola (Landscape Architect, MA-arkkitehdit).

Further information

City Architect Ilkka Holmila, tel. +358-(0)9-2719 2455 and Architect Terttu-Elina Wainio, tel. +358-(0)9-2719 2353.

The competition programme is available starting 19 June 2006 at the website www.jarvenpaa.fi/arkkitehtikilpailu and in print at the City of Järvenpää Technical Centre (Seutulantie 12, Järvenpää) and the Finnish Association of Architects (Runeberginkatu 5, Helsinki).

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